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In order to help us process your request, please enter the Access Code listed in the letter you received in the space provided. Please read the HIPAA information below and indicate your agreement by pressing the Continue button.

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The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes a foundation of Federally-protected rights which permit individuals to control certain uses and disclosures of their protected health information. Along with these rights, the Privacy Rule provides individuals with the ability to access and amend this information, and the right to an accounting of certain disclosures. [It is] recognized that there may be times when individuals are legally or otherwise incapable of exercising their rights, or simply choose to designate another to act on their behalf with respect to these rights. Under the Rule, a person authorized …to act on behalf of the individual in making health care related decisions is the individual’s “personal representative.” [45 CFR 164.502(g)]


Please be advised that the Omnibus Rule, effective March 26, 2013, allows for the use of electronic communications in an unsecured format if the Covered entity obtains permission from the patient/patient representative and also educates the patient on the risk.  Risks involved in using unsecured email include but are not limited to:

·         Emails can be sniffed in transit, as they are not encrypted.

·         Emails will be stored on physical disks in the servers which are involved in the operation: the sender's email server, the recipient's email server, and any server "in between". Physical disks can be sniffed when decommissioned or through backup tapes.

·         It is easy to make emails go to the wrong machine by altering the DNS.

·         There are viruses which routinely inspect emails received by infected machines, in search for passwords, credit card data or other sensitive information.

These risks may be incurred when we respond via unsecured return email.

By using this “electronic help desk”, the user warrants that they are either the patient or the patient’s personal representative and are permitting disclosure within this framework of any protected information required for the adjudication of their claim(s).  The user also authorizes this service to respond via return unsecured email to the patient/patient representative inquiry and accepts all risks of utilizing this method of communication.

I affirm I am the patient or the patient's personal representative (“Sender”) and authorize the recipient to reply to Sender’s email.